Next meetings: Thursdays 19th February and 19th March, 2015

We met on Thursday 22nd January, when the main item was an introduction by Simon Mapp to Wittgenstein's thought - with particular reference to the only book published in Wittgenstein's lifetime, Tractatus Logica Philosophicus (first published in English in 1921).

Against all the probable odds, it turned into a most enjoyable evening with arguments and counter-arguments, examples and counter-examples covering a wide range of experiences - and went on much longer than our usually already extended times. Engagement with friends expands to fill more than the time available for its completion (as Parkinson perhaps thought of saying).

Our next meetings, on the 19th of both February and March, will be led by David Belcher who offers to introduce a session on 'the role of story in the formation of belief' and Stephen Williams who will introduce a session on the death of Jesus which, for the Birmingham group, will be something of a departure.

We have decided to continue to run two groups and have decided on the pattern of meetings so that we can all plan our diaries well ahead. All meetings will be on the third Thursday of each month, with evening meetings (7.30p.m.) on even numbered months and lunchtime meetings (mid-day) on the odd numbered months.